Published Work


Ways to Help Kids Cope with Climate Change~The Washington Post

I Can’t Shake the Guru Bhagwan ~The Rumpus

 Beyond the Spectacle of Wild Wild Country~ The Atlantic

How My Childhood Shaped the Way I’m Teaching My Kids About Body Image ~ Scary Mommy

I’m Sorry About the Dog ~ Proximity Magazine

I Want to Heal My Son So Badly ~Salon 

What You’re Left with When She is Gone ~Brain, Child Magazine

Blackberries ~Lilith

 Three Reasons I Could Stop Writing Memoir But Won’t~Brevity Magazine

Before You Can Love the World, You Have to Love Yourself~ Jewish in Seattle

When Sheepshead Bay Was Home~Niche Lit

 What Kids Want You to Know~ Seattle’s Child Magazine

 Funeral~ Burningword Literary Journal

Not So Glamorous~ Hofstra Windmill, p. 184

One Pot of Soup at a Time~ It’s An Itchy Little World


Short Fiction

The Plan ~ Sequestrum

House in the Woods  ~American Literary Review

Gibbous ~Best New Writing 2015 in print and Kindle

Rick’s Wax Hands~The Iowa Review Winter 2013/2014

What February Feels Like ~RedFez

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